Formed in 2013 in Vancouver, wild/kind builds from the Halifax pop explosion of the 1990s to create catchy indie pop that never forgets to have fun.

Their new EP, Let’s Sail, often explores the aftermath of relationships. 2014 saw the departure of founding guitarist Mark Payerl, who quit his job to go sailing on the open sea, and two songs (“The Message and the Timing” and “My Boat”) speak to the aftermath of not just losing a band mate, but a best friend.

The single “You and Her and Me” examines the co-dependent relationship one can form with music growing up and the intense feelings of betrayal it can produce when that band reaches its natural end. Though the song wears it’s influences via Eric’s Trip proudly on its sleeve, the tight harmonies and keyboards ensure it’s not just pastiche.

In 2014, wild/kind released their well received debut EP, Mountains, whose single “The Mountains of New Brunswick” reached #14 on the CBC Radio 3 R3-30 countdown, with plays from Halifax’s CKDU to Nardwaur’s CiTR radio program in Vancouver.


my boat released apr 2016

from "let's sail" (2015)

directed and edited by Natalie Glubb

starring: Cranberry, Blueberry, Loganberry, Dewberry and Gooseberry.


let's sail released aug 2015 (sbr003)


mountains of new brunswick/you and her and me 7" released may 2015 (sbr002)


mountains released apr 2014 (sbr001)